Finished and in progress dishtowels

This week wasn’t much of a knitting progress week. 6 leaves done on Eidhneán. Same point as last time on beaded cowl, 13/50 rounds.

On to the work actually done: I finished a pair of dishtowels! It’s the classic Grandmother’s Favorite using sugar n’ cream cotton yarn in one of the pastel prints.


I’m working my way through the cotton stash I have, and I thought I probably didn’t have enough yarn between these two twist cotton yarns (in Azule and Berry) so I started this striped dishtowel. Still in progress, but I’m just about to hit the decrease. I may have just enough for a second towel.


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FO and WIP Monday?

First, finished object: The blue baby booties are done!

IMG_0500The bind-off might be a little too tight though.

Next, works in progress. So, I did not stick to my only one WIP goal. Mostly because I ran across Eidhneán, which I found when I read this blog post by anirishknitodyssey, and I have this super bulky yarn that I have been trying to figure out a project for, and it instantly clicked for me. I had to start the project. There are 8 repeats of the leaf pattern. I have completed four of them already. 🙂


From the beaded cowl, I’m at 13/50 rounds. If you look at the last update, I’ve made it a whole 2 more rounds this week. >.>

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Ripping out to the beginning

So, my cousins baby boy is due in March. Even though I want to stick to my one project, I have to finish the things I want to send for the baby shower. One baby beanie is already done. Next on the list was baby booties. Or so I thought.

I’ve had some really annoying struggles with these simple baby booties. The pattern isn’t hard or anything, but I keep making silly mistakes! Last night, I cast on and ripped out twice, once because I cast on 1 fewer stitch than I needed and I realized on row 2, and the second time because I knit the first row with the tail. (doh!) I put it aside and chalked it up to trying to start something at 2am. Well, this evening, I started again. I cast on the right amount of stitches, I made extra sure to not grab the tail, and I was making great success!


Until I realized after shaping the toe that I was short a few stitches. Turns out I forgot a yfwd in row 2, 4, and 6. At the beginning. So the bootie went from looking like it does above, to looking like it does below.


Clearly today is also not the day to start these booties. I’ll try again tomorrow.

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WIP – The Week So Far

I’ve been fairly successful with my knitting plans this week. I haven’t started any new projects, still working on my one current project. I’ve had some ideas for patterns or things that I want to work on afterwards, but I’ve just been writing them in my knitting notebook. Progress on the cowl is at 11/50 bead rounds.

IMG_0433Conveniently, right after taking the picture above, I started knitting a couple stitches just to get to the marker indicating that it was bead time, and what did I find?


I’m just kidding. I just used the tiny crochet hook I am using for putting the beads on and all was well again.

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Want to Knit Wednesday?

It seems silly for me to make WIP Wednesday posts since I basically talk about what I am working on every other day. So, for at least this week, I’m going to start Want to Knit (or Maybe I Kinda Want to Knit this?) Wednesdays. These five patterns are from books that I borrowed from my local Library. In the future, I’ll try to mix it up between books, blogs and pictures. 🙂

From Stashbuster Knits, I really like Sausalito and Urban Knitster Slouch Hat.

From Weekend Hats, I’m in to Leaves Long Beanie and Wanderer Cap.

From Stitch ‘n Bitch, Peppermint Twist looks like a cute sweater!

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Working With What You Got and Staying Focused

My current project, a lace beaded cowl, is seriously frustrating the crap out of me. Beyond the fact that I found an error that I have no desire to rip back to (220*4 rows + 2 bead rows? yeah, no), the yarn/needle combination is super unhelpful! I’m using US 7 aluminum, 29″ circular needles with this very delicate lace weight wool yarn. Talk about stitch drop city. Unfortunately, none of my bamboo circular needles are long enough, so this is what I have to work with. I’m at 3/50 bead rounds…


I am trying to focus on this project and not start yet another one, but when I get super frustrated, I almost always start another easy project just to give my brain a break every once in a while. I already knocked out yet another baby beanie. Also, I did notice that I only have one dishcloth in the kitchen, and I don’t know where the others have disappeared to… Maybe I’ll whip up some dishcloths. I almost always have cotton yarn sitting in my stash…::smack::

See what I mean? Focus woman!

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What does the Red Fox Scarf say? (done!)


The Fox says: DONE!! I finished Red Fox this week! I’m not going to lie, it looks adorable.


Here is a written version of the pattern I ended up creating. I started with the pattern Fox Scarf by Satu Dolk and Ossi Laine, but I had to deviate since I used different yarn and needles. They still deserve all the credit, because without their pattern I would never have come close to making something so cute!

Yarn: Worsted Wool in red and white

Needles: US 6 (4.00 mm)


Cast on 2 in white yarn (Color A)

Row 1 – Knit all (2)

Row 2 – kfb first and last stitch, knit all other stitches (4)

Repeat Row 1-2 until Row 30 (32)

Row 31 – Switch to red yarn (Color B) knit all. Repeat for 32 rows

Row 63 – Decrease row. K1, K2TOG, K1, K2TOG, K1, K2TOG, K14, K2TOG, K1, K2TOG, K1, K2TOG, K1 (26) (honestly the only row I was unhappy with at the end. In the future I want to try the pattern with a more gradual decrease)

Row 64 – K1, P1 to end. Repeat for 33 rows.

Row 97 – kfb first and last stitch, knit all other stitches (28)

Row 98 – knit all (28)

Row 99 – kfb first and last stitch, knit all other stitches (30)

Row 100 – Knit all. Repeat to desired length. I knit 120 rows, and that equaled a small scarf. For every additional inch you want, add 10 rows. (30)

Row 221 – Switch to color A. Knit all. (30)

Row 222 – Knit all stitches (30)

Row 223 – K1, K2TOG, Knit to last 3 stitches, SSK, K1 (28)

Row 224 – Knit all (28)

Repeat Rows 223 – 224 until 4 stitches remain (row 250)

Row 251 – Knit all. Repeat for 4 rows (4)

Row 255 – kfb, knit to last stitch, kfb (6)

Row 256 – knit all (6)

Repeat Row 225-256 until 30 stitches

Row 285 – Bind off.

Fold white head piece over and fasten. I left a long tail with the bind off to make it easier.


Cast on 14 stitches in Color A

Row 1 – Knit all

Row 2 – K1, K2TOG, Knit to last 3 stitches, SSK, K1 (12)

repeat to Row 1-2 until row 10

Row 11 – Knit all

Row 12 – K2TOG to end

Row 13 – Knit all

Row 14 – Bind off

Fasten to head piece. Again I left a long tail to make sewing in the ears easier.

Add buttons/beads for eyes and your done!

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